Brochure: Classroom Experiments - METTLER TOLEDO

Brochure: Classroom Experiments


Practical Experiments in the classroom. Weighing Helps Understanding the Laws of Nature: Physics, Chemistry & Biology. 

Descriptive experiments in the classroom and independent experimentation in practical courses: for the natural sciences, these continue to be those components which impart essential flesh and blood to theoretical studies of natural laws. A concept illustrated by experiments is not only easier to convert into abstract formulae, but can also be better retained in the pupil's memory. 

With the aid of an electronic balance, you can demonstrate the meaning of the laws, formulae and phenomena in physics, chemistry and biology in a most impressive manner. 

Our principal concern has been to ensure that the individual experiments can be set up with very little effort and with simple resources. In addition, we have tested each individual experiment a number of times. During demonstration of an experiment, the simple handling of the electronic balances demands only your occasional attention, thus enabling you to concentrate fully on the instruction. We would ask you to observe the general safety directions outlined below. 

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