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Melting and Dropping Point Knowledge Materials


To characterize or identify a substance or substance mixture, its physical properties, such as melting point, boiling point, cloud point, slip melting point, dropping point, or softening point can be studied. Browse our knowledge materials to learn more about how measuring one or more of these properties can help you in your quality control processes and more.

Modern production processes frequently require exact knowledge of the thermal behavior of substances under different conditions – this has given rise to a number of methods to study materials and substances in this respect. Whether in a research and development or quality control environment, the knowledge of thermal values such as the melting or dropping point is extremely useful in characterizing samples.


METTLER TOLEDO has 50 years of experience in providing innovative solutions for the automatic determination of melting point, dropping point, and softening point. Measurement of these parameters supports the complete analytical workflow and aid in sample characterization, providing valuable and accessible information on the quality and purity of a wide range of substances.


Fully-automatic measurements reduce operator influence and are the basis for comparable and reliable results. With simple operating routines and an intuitive color touch screen, melting, boiling, cloud, slip melting, dropping, and softening point determination has never been so easy.