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Karl Fischer Titration–Collection of Guides


Everything You Need to Know about Karl Fischer Titration for Water Content Determination

Karl Fischer Titration–Collection of Guides
Karl Fischer Titration–Collection of Guides

The Karl Fischer method is a widely used standard method for determining water content in various samples, and it is used in different parts of the production chain, including in R&D, quality control, and production monitoring. It can measure water content from as low as 1ppm to as high as 100%. These guides provide a comprehensive overview of the Karl Fischer method, including its history, chemical reactions, measuring techniques, sample preparation, sampling techniques, and method selection. They are split up into four documents, each one covering a specific topic:


The Basics

To fully understand the Karl Fischer method, the first guide in the set provides a brief historical overview of its development and explains the underlying chemical reaction based on R.W. Bunsen’s theory. Additionally, the two major measuring techniques, volumetry and coulometry, are discussed in detail.


Sample Preparation

One of the challenges of the Karl Fischer method is sample preparation. The second guide of the set focuses on more advanced sample preparation procedures than the simple dissolution in the titration cell.


Sampling Techniques

The third guide in the set discusses various sampling techniques that have been developed to accommodate the varying nature of samples. This guide offers important guidelines for drawing samples to determine the water content. These tips and tricks are based on the experience of application chemists and are well-proven through daily practice.


Method Overview

Finally, the last guide in the set summarizes the various KF titration methods currently in use and recommends the methods that are specifically suitable for each sample type. The guide is compiled in table form for a fast and easy overview.