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Karl Fischer Titration Guides


Set of guides for the Karl Fischer titration explaining basics, methods and techniques and provide tips and hints for the daily practice. Karl Fischer Titration basics, Sample preparation, Taking samples and method overview.

The Karl Fischer method determines water content specifically and is easily applied to a huge variety of samples. It is a common standard method in R&D, quality control and production monitoring. However, the method requires adequate sample preparation in order to receive correct results.

Part 1: The Techniques

This brochure presents a short, historic overview of the development of Karl Fischer’s method. It explains the chemical reaction and the two major measuring techniques: Volumetric and coulometric.

Part 2: Release the Water

This brochure uses METTLER TOLEDO’s expert knowledge of Karl Fischer titration to explain more advanced sample preparation procedures than the simple sample dissolution in the titration cell.

Part 3: The Right Sample

This brochure explains some important rules and guidelines for drawing samples to determine water content according to Karl Fischer. Our tips and tricks incorporate the experience of METTLER TOLEDO’s application chemists and are well proven through daily practice and application.

Part 4: An Overview

This guide recommends the methods specifically suitable for each sample type and summarizes the various KF titration methods currently in use. The guide is compiled in table form for a fast and easy overview.

Learn from METTLER TOLEDO’s extensive knowledge of moisture and water content determination from 1 ppm to 100%.