Live Webinar: Glass-in-Glass Detection with X-ray

Discover how x-ray inspection can protect your products from glass-in-glass contamination

Program Overview

  • The basic principles of x-ray inspection technology
  • How x-ray inspection can achieve glass-in-glass detection capabilities
  • Live system demo of our X3750 system for glass applications

Join our live webinar on Wednesday 19th June 2024 to discover how x-ray inspection systems are able to detect foreign body contaminants in glass-packaged products, protecting consumers and preventing costly product recalls.

Glass packaging is a common choice for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers, but a single shard of glass can lead to devastating consequences. Selecting the right x-ray inspection system to verify the integrity of your product is vital for optimum contamination detection.

Increase your understanding of glass-in-glass contamination as our specialist performs a live demonstration of an x-ray inspection system and outlines how x-ray inspection systems can detect glass contaminants and other foreign bodies within glass packages at high throughputs.

The webinar will also provide valuable information about our comprehensive service solutions. Keep your system running and minimize unplanned downtime with our global service network and comprehensive maintenance plans.

Target audience

Food Safety Managers, Production or Manufacturing Managers, IT Specialists, Global Food Retailers, Quality Control Specialists, Food Safety Specialists, Production & Packaging, Operation Managers, CEOs, Change Management Agents, Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Assurance Operators.


Image of Adam Green

Adam Green

XR ePlatform Owner & Market Manager

Over the past 8 years, Adam has worked in various commercial and technical roles at METTLER TOLEDO. During that time, he facilitated the development of an online demonstration platform to provide technical support to customers due to the global change of working behaviors. He has worked with local markets to help the development of the sales teams that promote X-ray technology and its benefits to customers.