Webinar: Demonstration of Inline Particle Analysis PAT for Bioprocess Harvesting

How to Expedite Bioprocess Development of Cell-Culture Harvest, Flocculation, and Depth-Filter Sizing


  • Discover how inline particle characterization can save time and resources for process optimization
  • Demonstrate how real-time, in-situ particle imaging and analysis works
  • Show how to set up the system and collect data
  • Review example data and explain how it can be applied to overcome information gaps during harvest

Bioreactor output improvements have led to new challenges for harvest operations, including increased biomass, impurities, and batch-to-batch variability. Scientists and engineers struggle to isolate and purify harvest output in a cost-effective and resource-efficient manner.

This online event will introduce ParticleTrack™ and EasyViewer™ particle system characterization PAT and EasyMax™ automated reactor systems for experimental design and control of harvest process development. The event will also review the method of measurement, demonstrate easy software and experiment set-up, and show an analysis of a model harvest process. Data from the experiment will be transfered into Dynochem® process modling software for mixing characterization and scale-up modeling.

Common harvest characterization studies may include acidic precipitation of debris, pre-treatment strategies for reduction of nucleic acid or host cell protiens from cell culture broth, characterization of centrifugation performance or output, cell lysis and precipitation, coagulation or flocculation, as well as a variety of filtration characterization (e.g. capacity, mass load as function of particle size, throughput, pressure, or impurities).

Target Audience

Bioprocess development scientists, engineers, and technicians. Persons working on harvest operations in bioprocesses. Principals, managers, and directors supporting bioprocesses.


tyler gable

Tyler Gable, Ph.D.

Global Biopharma and Biotech Market Development Manager, METTLER TOLEDO

Dr. Tyler Gable is the Market Development Manager for Biopharmaceuticals at METTLER TOLEDO. Dr. Gable has lead inline PAT development across upstream, harvest, downstream, and formulation workflows for biopharmaceutical bioprocessing. Dr. Gable has 5 years of GMP and QC/QA experience prior to his bioprocessing roles. Dr. Gable received his Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine, designing RNA blood diagnostics and RNA gene therapies applied to lung cancers.