Improve Purification of Biological Systems

Inline Monitoring to Improve Purification of Biological Systems

For years, flocculation has been applied to optimize solid-liquid separations in the pulp and paper, food and chemicals industries, and extensively used in water clarification. However, flocculation is now gaining popularity in the clarification of bioprocess harvests to maximize the particulate removal while maintaining product recovery and quality. Effective flocculation processes depend on many factors, including the particle size distribution and concentration of the solids (cells and debris) of the bioprocess, flocculating agent, dosage of the flocculating agent and mixing efficiency. In turn, flocculation effectiveness influences downstream separation and purification.

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Inline Process Analytical Technology (PAT) has become critical in ensuring process robustness and productivity in the biotechnology industry. By implementing in situ probe based particle measurement technology, real time changes can be tracked to the floc size distribution while measuring inline at full process concentrations, without the need to sample. These particle size distribution tools allow scientists to identify the optimal polymer additive type and dosage for the incoming feed. PAT enables these parameters to be quickly optimized in the laboratory and transferred to the plant.

This webinar reviews the application of in situ PAT to understand the flocculation mechanism in bioprocesses, and how the real-time measurement of particle size distribution by PAT can be used to improve product purity and process efficiency. Examples include laboratory and manufacturing applications to optimize and control flocculation in bioprocesses as a means of increasing clarification throughput.

Vaso Vlachos graduated from the University of Natal with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Microbiology, and earned her Master of Science degree (with distinction) in Microbiology from the University of the Witwatersrand. Vaso began her career in South Africa as a Technical Consultant, and relocated to the United Kingdom in 2000.  Vaso joined METTLER TOLEDO in 2002 and served in various roles.