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EasyViewer Inline Particle Size Analyzers

easyviewer100 model

EasyViewer 100

For Early Development and Limited Samples

Capture high-resolution images of particles in-situ to obtain deep process understanding for complex systems. Study crystallizations, suspensions, and emulsions in previously unobtainable detail and reveal new insights that will power process development. Lees meer

easyviewer 400 model

EasyViewer 400

Longer Probe for Larger Reactors

Leverage auto-focus, auto-lighting, and auto-save-best-image software features to ensure every project team member can collect the highest quality images with just three clicks. Complete data capture and unattended operation to study particles as they naturally exist in process. Lees meer

High-Resolution Images and Intuitive Image Analysis

easyviewer particle optimization

easyviewer particle optimization
easyviewer particle optimization

High-Resolution Imaging

Stunning images allow scientists to visualize the effect process parameters, such as temperature cycling, have on particle size and shape in real time.

easyviewer crystal growth

easyviewer crystal growth
easyviewer crystal growth

New Experimental Insights

Everyone can capture outstanding microscope quality images without sampling or dilution, even from thick slurries.

easyviewer llps

easyviewer llps
easyviewer llps

Identify Process Risks

Researchers can easily identify oil formation and avoid the conditions that lead to this process risk, thereby improving purity and quality.

EasyViewer in Journal Publications

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