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              Thermal Analysis Excellence

              Thermal Analyzers for glass transition, compositional analysis and mechanical properties


              Innovative Technology, Versatile Modularity and Swiss Quality

              Award winning sensor technology, flexibility, upgradeability and high precision guarantee unmatched performance from an instrument that can grow with your changing needs. [Video]  


              METTLER TOLEDO thermal analysis Excellence instruments allow you to characterize sample materials over a very wide temperature range. Control all the instruments from a single, powerful, easy-to-use software platform. Each instrument configuration has the highest level of performance so you can have complete confidence in your results.


              Thermal Analysis

              METTLER TOLEDO is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. Our products and services are available worldwide in over one hundred countries. With more than 10,000 employees, most of them in sales, service and development, we guarantee customers unique products and support of the very highest quality.


              Thermal Analysis has played an important role in METTLER TOLEDO since the early 1960s. Since the beginning, we have offered customers innovative Thermal Analysis solutions, products and services. Our dedicated worldwide team of highly qualified sales and service engineers are ready to assist you.


              Thermal Analysis comprises a group of techniques that measure the physical or chemical properties of a sample as a function of temperature or time while it is heated, cooled or held at a constant temperature.

              The METTLER TOLEDO Thermal Analysis Excellence line offers tailor-made solutions for academic and industrial challenges. The unrivalled performance and innovative technology of the Thermal Analysis Excellence Line will propel you to the forefront of your field and guarantee you the highest level of Swiss quality, accuracy and efficiency.


              Thermal Analysis includes a number of versatile techniques and is firmly established as an analytical method for materials characterization. Thermal Analysis solves problems and answers questions from research and development to quality control.

              thermal analysis
              thermal analysis
              thermal analysis
              thermal analysis

              Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

              Chip Calorimetry (Flash DSC)

              High-Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimetry

              Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

              DSC measures the enthalpies associated with transitions and chemical reactions and determines the temperature at which these processes occur.
              Flash DSC is the ideal addition to conventional DSC for characterizing modern materials.
              DSC measures the enthalpies associated with transitions and reactions and the temperature at which these processes occur.
              Achieve trustworthy results such as composition, content, residue and stability with a Thermogravimetric Analyzer from the balance technology leader.
              thermal analysis
              thermal analysis
              thermal analysis
              thermal analysis

              Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (TGA/DSC)

              Thermomechanical Analysis (TMA)

              Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA)

              Hot stage microscopy systems

              Weight change and heatflow measured under perfect identical test conditions with a TGA/DSC deliver more information about composition, phase transitions and chemical reactions.
              Thermal expansion coefficients are determined accurately and precisely by Thermomechanical Analyzers with nanometer resolution from -150 to 1600 °C.
              Determine the force and displacement amplitudes as well as phase shifts with the dynamic mechanical analyzer.
              Excellence hot stage systems offer the possibility to conduct polymorphism and solvate studies, characterize liquid crystal compounds and study crystallization and melting of polymers.
              thermal analysis
              thermal analysis
              thermal analysis
              Moisture Analyzer

              STARe Excellence Thermal Analysis Software

              Thermal Analysis Crucibles

              Thermal Analysis Options

              Moisture Analyzer

              Software flexibility and functionality is of vital importance in a modern thermal analysis system and is the key to maximizing productivity.
              Highest quality crucibles for Thermal Analysis that help to extend the application range.
              The wide range of accessories and options, such as DMA and TMA measuring systems, various cooling devices or automatic sample changing systems open up new opportunities and expand your thermal analysi...
              The METTLER TOLEDO family of moisture analyzers provides fast, precise and reliable moisture determination.

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