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Advanced Model Free Kinetics

In addition to the benefits already offered by conventional MFK, Advanced Model Free Kinetics (AMFK) provides you with the possibility of using both isothermal and dynamic measurements. AMFK allows you to record data under isothermal conditions and to evaluate the data obtained from the heating section prior to an isothermal segment.

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Specifikációk - Advanced Model Free Kinetics
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Features and Benefits
  • Evaluation can be based on isothermal and dynamic data
  • Fast and easy to use without any need for reaction modeling
  • Usable with simple and complex reactions
  • Information on curing, decompositions, aging, stability, product lifetime etc.
  • For process optimization and safety investigations
  • Simulation of reaction under various conditions (applied kinetics)
  • Investigation of reaction mechanisms
  • Increased lab efficiency due to savings in experimental time
  • Suitable for DSC and TGA measurements
  • Provides conversion plots, iso-conversion plots and activation energy



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Thermal analysis is a well-established analytical method that is widely used in many different fields. It provides laboratories with valuable results...


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Advanced Model Free Kinetics
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