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    Physical Contamination Detection

    Ensuring the Highest Product Quality and Safety for Brand and End User Protection

    Inspection equipment for food is primarily used for the purpose of consumer and brand protection. Despite the very greatest of care during production processes, the risk of foreign body contamination of the food products cannot be fully excluded. Contaminants that enter the product during the production process or are introduced in the raw material may cause serious injuries to consumers and damage other production equipment. The consequences for the manufacturer can be grave and can include compensation claims and recalls. In addition, contamination can lead to the loss of consumer trust leading to negative impact on brand image.

    Modern contamination detect equipment can be installed at every step of the production process. Inspection of raw material has the advantage that foreign bodies are detected and ejected before they are potentially broken down into a larger number of smaller pieces which might be harder to detect. Inspection at critical control points (CCPs) during the production process is a requirement for all food safety standards and should be an important part of any effective product inspection programme.

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