CV35 AdvancedLine Combination

CV35 AdvancedLine

Outstanding Product Inspection The CV35 AdvancedLine is the first product on the market that combines checkweighing and vision inspection - designed to prevent label mix-up and weight verification in a single process.

Minimize Recalls
Immediate detection of label mix-up saves costs of recovery and rework and minimizes the risk of a recall.

Maximize Product Control
Controlling the labeling and printing quality maximizes product control and consumer satisfaction.

Comply with Retailers' Demands
Installing a total quality control system helps meet retailer demands for certification and complies with BRC and IFS quality assurance criteria.

CV35 AdvancedLine

CV35 AdvancedLine - Checkweighing and Vision Combination System

The CV35 AdvancedLine offers checkweighing with inspection for inaccurate labeling and essential prints as part of a single product inspect...

The CV35 AdvancedLine offers checkweighing with inspection for inaccurate labeling and essential prints as part of a single product inspection process. It continuously detects defective products, ensuring accurate certified weights, correct labeling, packaging and verification of critical prints. Performing multiple inspections on three surfaces over a wide range of product sizes and with an industry leading, easy-to-use interface, the CV35 AdvancedLine operates effectively in virtually any consumer product packaging line. Manufacturers benefit from the CV35 AdvancedLine system as follows:

  • Immediate detection of label mix-up, saving recovery and rework costs and minimizing the risk of recall
  • Control of labeling and print quality, maximizing product sales and consumer satisfaction
  • Unit is part of an overall quality control system, meeting retailers' demands for certification

Get protected, with two state-of-the-art control points in a single unit that help facilitate the implementation of BRC and IFS quality assurance criteria.


Specifications - CV35 AdvancedLine Checkweigher

Load CellEMFR
Accuracy (at 3 Sigma)From ± 0.1g
Checkweighing Range0 to 10,000g
Throughput (pcs./minute)Max. 300
Approval"Weights and Measures" / MID certifiable
Product Preset Memories200
Weight Classification 3 weight zones (or up to seven as an option)
Terminal Screen15" color touchscreen TFT, 1024x768 pixels (XVGA)
Standard Sorting DeviceAir jet
Power115/230 V (AC), single-phase, 50/60 Hz, 1 kVA
Conveyor SpeedUp to 60m/min
Inspection Area100 x 120mm (optional: ≤ 200 x 240mm)
Article Size (product dimensions)Max. article height if inspection on top: 200mm

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CV35 AdvancedLine Features and benefits

Prevent Label Mix-Up
The vision inspection station checks products for correct label, expiry date, lot/batch numbers, and labeling defects. It inspects surfaces on a wide range of label and product sizes.
Dynamic Checkweighing
The checkweigher verifies the weight of the product, reliably rejecting over and under-filled products. This helps reduce product waste and ensures compliance with global regulatory standards.

Complete Product Control
Combining optical inspection with checkweighing eliminates extra product handling components and results in an easy to integrate unit that saves line space and delivers unmatched inspection accuracy.
Unified User Interface
Both system components are accessed through a user friendly touchscreen interface  and simple product setup. A statistics module provides real time data to help ensure maximum production uptime.

Extensive Service Support
An extensive service network guarantees timely support plus availability and quick delivery of spare parts. This reduces downtime and keeps processes running smoothly.





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CV35 AdvancedLine


Erhalten Sie Ihr Angebot
CV35 AdvancedLine

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