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Liste mit ReactIR-Zitierungen


FTIR-Spektroskopie - Publikationen in Journalen

  • Wu, Huiquan, et al. "Real-time monitoring of bioreactor mAb IgG3 cell culture process dynamics via Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy: Implications for and Engineering 9.3 (2015): 386- 406.
  • Krishnan, R. Akhil, et al. "Proton play in the formation of low molecular weight chitosan (LWCS) by hydrolyzing chitosan with a carbon based solid acid." Carbohydrate Polymers (2016). 
  • Dong, Weibing, Yue Sun, and Dejing Shang. "Interactions between chensinin‐1, a natural antimicrobial peptide derived from rana chensinensis, and lipopolysaccharide." Biopolymers 103.12 (2015): 719-726. 

ReactIR Citation List

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