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XLS+ Multichannels Brochure
This document provides an overview of how the XLS+ multichannel pipettes raise the bar on multichannel pipetting and performance.
XLS+ Pipette Family Brochure
An overview of the features and benefits of the XLS+ pipette family, including performance, comfort and control.


Pipet-Lite XLS Adjustable Spacer Datasheet
This document provides a technical overview of the Pipet-Lite XLS Adjustable Spacer and how it puts a new twist on pipetting with its 6- or 8-channel...
Pipet-Lite XLS+ Multichannels Datasheet
This datasheet provides an overview of how the Pipet-Lite XLS+ Multichannel is fast loading, easy on your hand and delivers precise and consistent sam...
Pipet-Lite XLS+ Single Channels Datasheet
An overview of the single-channel Pipet-Lite XLS+ and why it is one of the most ergonomic accurate and precise pipettes available.
Rainin Classic Manual Pipette Datasheet
Rainin Classic improves traditional pipetting. Robust and durable, it provides years of reproducible performance with low out-of-tolerance errors.
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