What are the benefits of a dynamic parcel dimensioning system?

With improved precision, larger optics and a powerful, embedded processor, our parcel dimensioning systems provide the highest read rates and precision in their class for fully automated material handling as well as maximum uptime and revenue recovery.

Can the system combine dimension, weight and barcode ID data?

METTLER TOLEDO’s dynamic dimensioning systems can interface with barcode readers and weighing scales to combine the dimension, weight and ID data into a single transaction and send the data to host PC systems.

How fast can the dynamic parcel dimensioning system capture measurements?

Dynamic parcel dimensioning systems can capture package measurements at belt speeds running up to 3.3 m/s.

Can your dimensioning system scan multiple objects at the same time?

It is not recommended to use a dynamic dimensioning system to scan more than one object at a time. Scanning one package at a time safeguards accuracy of the measurements to help you achieve effective shipment planning and space utilization. Consult your local METTLER TOLEDO expert to find the best fit for your operation.

Is the dynamic dimensioning system legal-for-trade approved?

METTLER TOLEDO's dynamic dimensioning systems are MID, NTEP, Measurement Canada and OIML certified.

Is it necessary to calibrate a METTLER TOLEDO dynamic parcel dimensioner? 

Regular maintenance and calibration are recommended to safeguard system accuracy. METTLER TOLEDO Service teams will maximize your parcel dimensioning system uptime.