Advanced Solutions for System Integrators in Transport and Logistics

Seamlessly Integrate Dimensioning and Dynamic Weighing in Material Handling Systems

You face complex challenges every day as you try to design reliable systems and agile operations. Each project has different needs and goals which makes it more important for you to have reliable partner relationships. With solutions from METTLER TOLEDO, you can rely on proven performance and strong application expertise.

Download the System Integrator Buyer's Guide for critical elements to consider and areas we can help with project planning, roll out and more.

Weighing at High Speeds
High-Throughput Weighing
Highest Dimensioner Read Rates
Efficient Data Drop-Off

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Floor Scales and Heavy-Duty Scales
Rugged and accurate, METTLER TOLEDO floor scales ensure precise weighing of bulky and heavy goods.
Pallet Truck Scales / Pallet Scales
Speed up and simplify warehouse and shipping operations with accurate movable scales
Weighbridge and Rail Scale Systems
The weighbridge and rail scale systems designed by METTLER TOLEDO are built to withstand the most extreme environments.
Postal Scales
Ensuring accurate measurements and greater efficiency in postal applications.
Truck and Rail Scale Systems
The truck scale and rail scale systems designed by METTLER TOLEDO are built to withstand the most extreme environments.
Pallet and Parcel Weighing
Achieve high-speed, accurate weighing results for parcels in motion and for pallet shipments by leveraging scales and data capture solutions from METT...
Pallet and Parcel Dimensioning
Achieve higher read rates, improved efficiency and maximum revenue recovery with automatic dimensioning systems.
Rail Scales
Designed for easy and accurate weighing of rail cars to speed up throughput without compromising safety.
Grip Handle Test Weights / 1 kg to 50 kg
Stainless Steel and cast iron grip handle weights for testing of scales with maximum capacity up to 200 kg.

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