Double Your Scale Lifetime with Smart Diagnostics - METTLER TOLEDO
Double Your Scale Lifetime with Smart Diagnostics



    The new generation of PowerDeck™ floor scales combines robust scale design with smart diagnostics and clear user guidance, ensuring a smooth and efficient weighing process. 

    Smart diagnostics for continued accuracy

    PowerDeck load cells provide new diagnostic features to prevent inaccurate measurements in the long run. The scale:

    • detects debris below the platform that will disturb measurements
    • monitors the working temperature and compensates with changes that ensure optimal weighing
    • detects the occurrence and frequency of overload shocks to prevent scale damage

    Operator guidance for consistent results

    PowerDeck helps operators easily handle the scale and avoid errors by:

    • alerting the user if goods are only partially placed on the scale
    • recommending the optimal position of goods for ideal repeatability
    • warning the operator in case of overload shocks to maintain scale accuracy twice as long

    Twice the lifetime – half the maintenance

    A robust platform design and preventive maintenance features provide higher uptime and significantly lower maintenance costs.

    • Innovative deck construction to ensure long-term performance
    • No fault-prone junction boxes and easy to clean
    • The design allows for simple, fast maintenance
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