X39| X-ray Inspection for Frozen-Formed Products

X39 X-ray Inspection System

For Frozen-Formed Products The X39 X-ray System is specifically designed for the inspection of frozen-formed products, ensuring your products are free from contaminants and product defects.

Unsurpassed Detection of Contaminants
Simultaneously detects and rejects contaminants such as calcified bone, glass and metal within frozen formed products including burger patties.

Designed for Harsh Environments
IP69 design ensures the demands of harsh environments are met, using 316 stainless steel for all key product contact areas including the reject flap.

Minimise Product Waste
The X39 can inspect products at up to 57m per minute whilst a dual reject system ensures rejection of non-conforming product for re-work.

 X39 X-ray Inspection

X39 Specification Table

Casing Material 304 stainless steel (316 on key contact areas)
Conveyor Speed 10- 57 m/min (dependent on product dimensions)
Lane Configurations Up to 7 unguided lanes
Throughput Rate Up to 1,800 ppm
Cooling MethodHeat exchanger and radiator pump
Screen Display15.6” LED display (16:9 ratio)
Operating Temperature 5 - 40°C
Power Supply208 - 240 Vac, 1 phase, 50-60Hz, 10A
Pneumatic Supply6 Bar(g) air supply required for reject system
X-ray Detector 800mm
X-ray Generator420W, 84kV, 5.0mA Beryllium tube
X-ray BeamsSingle beam
X-ray Emissions< 1uSv/hr
Reject TypeAirblast reject with failsafe reject flap
Inspection ConveyorFDA and EU food use approved TPU conveyor belt
Reject ConveyorFDA and EU food use approved PP modular belt
Laser Inspection3D camera with inbuilt laser

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The X39 Features and Benefits

A Range of Product Integrity Checks
The X39 simultaneously inspects products for mass, dents, holes, edge defects, flakes and product length, width and height, ensuring only conforming product is accepted before continuing the process.
Dual Reject Systems
Fully integrated multi-air nozzle reject system and scoop device minimises product waste and saves costs.
High Throughput
Capable of inspecting up to 1,800 products per minute, maintaining a high throughput rate without restriction from other equipment upstream/ downstream.
Intuitive Software
Advanced software monitors all aspects of the system, warnings are made should the laser or reject nozzles loose accuracy, ensuring a continual flow of high quality product throughout the process.
Curtainless Design
Ramped conveyor design with x-ray shielding shut down plates allow for the system to be completely curtain-less ensuring the product flow is undisturbed allowing for optimum inspection.
Self Tracking Belt
The production belt runs in grooved rollers ensuring that the belt does not move and require customer intervention, increasing production uptime.

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X39 X-ray Inspection System

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X39 X-ray Inspection System
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