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    Osnovne Tehtnice

    Kompaktne tehtnice za izračunavanje cene z ali brez tiskalnika. Enostavne, priročne, mobilne.


    Osnovne Tehtnice

    Če iščete bodisi preproste računalniške tehtnice za vašo mobilno poslovalnico ali kompaktno tehtnico z vgrajeno funkcijo tiskanja: METTLER TOLEDO ponuja pravo rešitev, ki ustreza stojnici ali specializirani prodajalni. Veseli smo, da smo vaš partner, ki podpira vašo odločitev za pravo kompaktno tehtnico.








    The bPro scales offer simple computing capabilities for mobile businesses or specialty shops where a compact scale with an integrated printing function is essential.
    The bRite line of scales is a stylish, portable retail scale suited to a range of retail environments such as open markets, mobile business or smaller specialty shops.
    Simple computing scale
    Perfect for booth and mobile weighing applications
    Compact design
    Integrated printing function
    Perform all daily operations
    Reliable partner
    Networking and multiple interfaces
    Integrated printer
    Receipt and label printing
    Great for mobile weighing applications
    Perfect for booth or specialty store
    Simple computing scale
    Easy, reliable, dependable
    Easy to read
    Three display lines with clear visibility
    Fast operation
    Advanced weighing and signal processing
    Hygienic design
    Easily exchangeable keysheet layers
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