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Wide Orifice Pipette Tips

Konice s širokim ustjem

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Konice s širokim ustjem
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Konice s širokim ustjem
Možnosti pakiranja konic s širokim ustjem Rainin
Konice s širokim ustjem Rainin


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LTS LiteTouch System
By virtually eliminating friction, the Rainin LiteTouch System dramatically reduces the amount of force required to load and eject tips.
Rainin LR Low Rentention Tips Brochure
Learn how Rainin LR low retention tips improve pipetting accuracy by minimizing residual volume, particularly when transferring liquids such as viscou...

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Izbira in vzdrževanje pipet!
Get an introduction and practical guide to the proper use, testing, maintenance and calibration of piston pipettes.
Kakovost konic za pipete
Članek podaja uvod v to temo in podrobne smernice glede lastnosti, na katere morate biti pozorni pri izbiri dobre konice za pipeto, tj. konice, ki ne...
Counteracting Liquid Retention in Tips Benefits of Using Low Retention Tips
Ta bela knjiga potrjuje, da konice Rainin LR »normalizirajo« učinkovitost tekočin z različnimi sestavinami in fizikalnimi lastnostmi pri pipetiranju.
sterile vs non sterile pipette tips
This white paper proves how there is essentially zero possibility for any Rainin pipette tip to contribute contaminants to customer samples.
Comparative Carbon Footprints Terrarack
METTLER TOLEDO Rainin is the pioneer of high purity ‘BioClean’ tips, creating a range of super-clean tips which are certified to be free of biological...

Tehnična poročila

Aerosol-resistant Tips Prevent DNA Contamination
The results are in! Rainin aerosol resistant tips protect against cross-contamination of mechanical pipettes by DNA aerosols.
Test Protocol for Rainin Tips / Capillaries and Pistons
Rainin BioClean pipette tips and capillaries/pistons labeled “Certified RNase-, DNase-, DNA-, Pyrogen-, and ATP-free” have been process-tested and pas...
Protecting Sample Integrity
Clean pipette tips are critical in life science research. To ensure high quality lab results, tips coming into contact with samples must be free of DN...
Inhibition of PCR Reactions by Self-sealing Filter Tips Containing Cellulose-gum Additives
Pipette tips with filters are often used for PCR-type reactions to prevent cross-contamination of samples. Most filter tips contain pure, polyethylene...
FinePoint Aerosol-resistant Tips
FinePoint aerosol-resistant tips - proven to protect sample and pipettes from aerosol


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Strokovna storitev – razvita po meri za vaše potrebe pipetiranja

Podjetje METTLER TOLEDO zagotavlja podporo in storitve za vaše pipete skozi celoten življenjski cikel, od dobrih praks pipetiranja do preventivnega vzdrževanja in umerjanja ter popravil opreme.

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