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Floor Scales

High-Precision Floor Scales

High Accuracy Combined with Long-Lasting Reliability

High-precision floor scales are large weighing platforms that deliver outstanding performance at resolutions up to 750,000 divisions. The robust load cells are designed with Monobloc technology and feature integrated overload protection and durable mechanical interfaces to ensure stable weight values over years of intensive use. High-precision floor scales are ideal for weighing expensive raw materials to prevent out-of-specification batches.

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FAQs - High Precision Floor Scales

We are the leading supplier of high-precision floor scales worldwide.

High-precision floor scales are suitable for many industrial applications and can be tailored to meet your exact needs. They stand for high accuracy, long-lasting reliability and the best metrology. METTLER TOLEDO is world renowned for accurate and reliable weighing scales and systems for harsh industrial environments.

Which scales are most accurate?

There are a variety of floor scales that can provide accuracy. In the METTLER TOLEDO line, for example, PFK989 and PFK988 floor scales use electro-magnetic force restoration or EMFR load cells. These are the most accurate load cells in the market. This creates a highly accurate floor-scale weighing experience with in-process resolutions of up to 750,000 divisions.

Do you offer a precision floor scale for an ATEX zone 2/21 or Zone 2/22 application? Ideally, it would be a 1,500 kg model at 150,000 divisions in stainless steel.

Yes, METTLER TOLEDO offers all kind of floor scale types, such as high-precision, low profile scales, lift scales or pallet scales with 1500 kg capacity for ATEX Zone 1/21 or Zone 2/22. Divisions of > 60.000d are only possible with our high-precision PFK9 floor scales. Please visit our webpage and contact our sales team to discuss your options.

How do I know the precision of my floor scale?

Floor scales have flexible options as far as resolutions and precision, and the precision depends on which scale and configuration you have ordered and the quality of the scale’s calibration. Because precision is a complex calculation of several variables, a METTLER TOLEDO Service technician would be the best resource to help you define your scale’s precision.