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iControl Reaction Calorimetry Software

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Convert Experiment Data Into Process Knowledge

Producten en specs
Artikelnummer: 30721038
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OndersteuntParticleView-instrumenten; EasyViewer-instrumenten
Artikelnummer: 1499011100
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OndersteuningRegistreert proeven van iControl, iC analysesoftware en instrumenten met aanraakscherm
Artikelnummer: 30721094
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OndersteuntRC1mx hoogwaardige reactie-calorimeter; EasyMax en OptiMax Synthesis Workstations en RX-10 Control Units
UitbreidingsmodulesMulti Instrument-regeling, HFCal (warmtestroomcalometrie)
Artikelnummer: 30721024
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Artikelnummer: 30721029
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Artikelnummer: 30721120
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UitbreidingsmodulesiC Veiligheid
Artikelnummer: 30721023
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Artikelnummer: 30721036
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OndersteuntParticleViwe en PVM Instrumenten
Artikelnummer: 30721046
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Artikelnummer: 14910090
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OndersteuntAlle iC-software


Capture Data, Visualize & Interpret Experiments, Report Results


iC Data Center
iC Data Center is a powerful tool that improves productivity for the researcher while facilitating knowledge management for the organization.
iControl Data Sheet
iControl provides the tools to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the chemical reaction under study. The combination of reactor data with inf...
iC Vision Software
iC Vision is a simple, yet powerful, software. Every scientist can collect and analyze the high-resolution images captured by EasyViewer and obtain pr...
iC Safety
iC Safety utilizes experimental data from the RC1e reaction calorimeter and other calorimetric techniques. It is designed to speed and simplify the ca...
iControl RC1e Software
Understand the impact of process variables such as temperature, dosing, mixing, heat and mass transfer or non-scalable conditions with iControl RC1e s...
iCare Software Maintenance Plan
iCare Software Maintenance includes all upgrades and maintenance releases for Instrument or Office versions of iC and iControl Software as well as pri...
iC IR Software
Use spectroscopic data to increase chemical understanding and knowledge of the chemical process and associated critical parameters.
iC FBRM Software
iC FBRM delivers information that helps users develop a strong understanding of their particle system dynamics, optimize experimental design, speed de...
iC Process for IR Software
Transfer critical control parameters determined in the laboratory to the production environment. Follow the impact on the process in production.
iC Kinetics
Kinetics software describes the characteristics of a chemical reaction. The kinetic model created by the software can be used to simulate the effect o...