Balance Accessories


Choose a proper weighing accessory for your scale.

Balance Accessories
Balance Accessories

Balance accessories for your laboratory scale can help to simplify your processes and ensure you get the accurate results you want.

This balance accessories catalog illustrates the extensive range of accessories available for XPE and XS balances. Color photographs show the full details of individual weighing accessories and demonstrate how they are used in practice. It's easy to see at a glance how to simplify everyday weighing tasks as well as make sophisticated applications easier and more ergonomic.

Neatly categorized, it's easy to search for balance accessories by application, e.g. density determination, pipette testing or filter weighing, or by function,
e.g. antistatic kits, barcode readers or specialized weighing pans.

Here are just a few balance accessories to choose from:

  • Automated dosing modules - ensure highly accurate sample preparation
  • Laboratory software - for error-free data handling
  • ErgoClip container holders - secure weighing-in
  • CarePac weight sets - fast and easy routine testing
  • Printers - for easy documentation of weighing results
  • Antistatic Kits - to eliminate electrostatic effects that influence your results
  • Barcode and RFID Readers - for fast and secure data recognition
  • Draft Shields - for fast balance stabilization times
  • and more...

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