Cleaning System EasyClean 200e

Cleaning System EasyClean 200e

Automatic sensor cleaning system

A build up of contaminants on sensors has a direct influence on their performance and measurements, and process reliability. EasyClean 200e provides regular, thorough cleaning of pH, DO, CO2, conductivity, and turbidity sensors.

Lower maintenance costs
Reduce labor costs to a minimum through automation of sensor cleaning and maintenance.

Extended sensor lifetime
Substantially increase pH sensor lifetime with efficient cleaning which removes fouling on the diaphragm.

Optimal cleaning
The integrated pump and adjustable soaking time allow a free choice of cleaning agent and provide excellent cleaning performance.

Cleaning System EasyClean 200e
المواصفات - Cleaning System EasyClean 200e
Parameters pH / ORP / DO / CO2 / Cond / Trb
Sensor Type Analog or ISM
Housings Stainless steel with corrosion-resistant coating
Dimensions (DxHxW) 80 mm x 220 mm x 260 mm
Protection IP65
Approvals and Certificates CE
Features and Benefits
Automated rinsing and cleaning
EasyClean 200e provides automated sensor rinsing and cleaning using water and any appropriate cleaning solution.
Flexible operation
The cleaning cycle can be triggered by the wash contact through a transmitter or run manually.
Remote control
Efficient and safe operation of the cleaning system through remote operation. 


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User Manuals

Quick Setup Guide: EasyClean 200e
The EasyClean 200e is designed for the automatic rinsing and cleaning of pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, dissolved CO2, conductivity and turbidity sensors...


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Cleaning System EasyClean 200e
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