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Calibration and Cleaning Systems

Calibration and Cleaning Systems

The intelligent cleaning and calibration solution

Calibration and Cleaning Systems
Calibration and Cleaning Systems

The EasyClean family consists of different models, each designed to fulfill a defined program of cleaning of a measuring point, whether in a fully immersed static housing in an open tank/channel (as in wastewater treatment) or in a retractable housing installed in a closed vessel (as in chemical, pharmaceutical or food processes).

Selective to user needs, the modular design offers subsequent upgrading to include additional functions. Operation either fully automatically via the transmitter, SPC or a timer, or manually as required. The Ex-version is ATEX certified.

المنتجات والمواصفات

المنتجات والمواصفات
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عرض التفاصيل
CharacteristicsFully automated rinsing and cleaning without calibration.
عرض التفاصيل
CharacteristicsWater rinsing or compressed air to create turbulence to prevent stubborn build-up
عرض التفاصيل
CharacteristicsWorks in conjunction with a retractable housing to withdraw the electrode from the process prior to automatic water rinsing.
عرض التفاصيل
CharacteristicsThe modular cleaning and calibration system for a longer life time of your electrodes and true cost savings.




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Features and Benefits
Enhance process safety and stability
  • due to more precise process control.
Greater productivity
  • as a result of reduced downtimes.
Cost savings
  • due to reduced service costs and longer lifetime of the sensors.
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