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Easy and safe flushing of sensors installed in METTLER TOLEDO InTrac retractable housings.

EasyClean150 is the most cost-effective unit for the automated flushing of sensors installed in a pneumatically operated retractable housing. The system controls the movement of the housing as well as monitoring the flushing function for the sensor. EasyClean150 is suitable for applications in which the use of water as a cleaning medium is sufficient.

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Short description Automated sensor flushing + cleaning with water
Sensors which are installed in a pipe or reaction vessel must be able to be withdrawn from the sample medium for maintenance purposes. EasyClean150 is the simplest, safest and most cost-effective way of automatic, regular flushing of sensors with water. Employed in combination with a METTLER TOLEDO InTrac retractable housing, the sensor must not be removed manually.

EasyClean150 controls the path of the housing as well as the flushing function. Triggering of the cleaning cycle can be effected automatically through the wash contact in the transmitter, or manually by pressing the appropriate keys on the EasyClean control unit.
Transmitter pH 2050eEasyClean150 is operated by the wash contact of any appropriate transmitter. For safe operation of the entire loop it is advantageous if the transmitter is equipped with an external hold input as the following transmitters:
  • pH 2050e
  • pH 2100e
  • O2 4050e
  • O2 4100e
Features and Benefits
Minimal maintenance costs
  • Through automation of the maintenance sequence, manpower costs can be reduced to an absolute minimum.
More precise process control
  • Regular maintenance leads to more reliable measurement results, ensuring
    more precise control of the process.
Extended lifetime of the sensor
  • Efficient cleaning prevents fouling of the diaphragm. The life span of the sensor is increased substantially.


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