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Automated flushing of sensors installed in METTLER TOLEDO InDip immersion housings.

EasyClean100 has been developed to clean sensors installed in immersion housings. A specially designed spray head directs a jet of compressed air or flushing water at the sensing end of the sensor. The assembly configuration ensures that the sensor is effectively cleaned under water. Through the cavitation effect induced by air bubbles impacting around the sensor tip, deposits on the sensitive surface areas of the sensor are loosened and swept away.
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Short description Automated sensor flushing + cleaning with air or water
When taking measurements in open basins or channels, e.g. in wastewater neutralization plants, the sensor is mounted in an immersion housing type InDip550. Conventional cleaning methods involve removing the whole installation from the basin. Using EasyClean100, this procedure can be fully automated, with the housing and sensor remaining in the immersed position.

EasyClean100 consists of a control unit and a sprayhead. Air or water is sprayed directly at the tip of the electrode to ensure effective cleaning. It is therefore completely unnecessary to remove the installation from its mounted position. Cleaning is carried out automatically through actuation of the wash contact in the associated transmitter.
The sprayhead is directly mounted at the lower end of an InDip550 immersion housing. It is available made of PVC or PVDF and is delivered with a 5 m hose (PTFE) and a mounting kit for optimal fixation at the InDip housing. The hose to connect it with the EasyClean is delivered with the system.
Features and Benefits
Efficient cleaning
  • Prevents fouling of the diaphragm and the life span of the sensor is increased substantially.
Regular maintenance
  • Leads to more reliable measurement results and ensures more precise control of the process.
Automation of the maintenance sequence
  • Reduces manpower costs to an absolute minimum.


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Only a clean sensor can provide reliable and accurate measurement results. With our EasyClean® systems, cleaning and calibration of sensors can be ful...


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