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InTrac 784 (Single Flushing Chamber, Chemical Applications)

Sensor Housings for Harsh Conditions.

InTrac 784 retractable housings are specially designed for use in a wide range of harsh industrial processes. Wetted parts are available in different materials, offering installation flexibility in many applications. The intelligent sensor locking system prevents deployment of the insertion rod if no sensor is present. InTrac housings can be operated with EasyClean systems for automatic sensor cleaning, flushing and calibration. With the housings' specially designed cleaning chamber, sensors can be thoroughly and quickly cleaned whenever required.

InTrac 784
المواصفات - InTrac 784 (Single Flushing Chamber, Chemical Applications)
Maximum permissible pressure and temperature SS316L, Alloy C-22: 16 bar at 120 °C or 10 bar at 140 °C232.1 psi at 248 °F or 145 psi at 284 °FPP: 4 bar at 60 °C or 2 bar at 70 °C58.02 psi at 140 °F or 29.01 psi at 158 °FPVDF: 6 bar at 90 °C or 4 bar at 100 °C87.02 psi at 194 °F or 58.02 psi at 212 °FPEEK: 10 bar at 100 °C or 6 bar at 120 °C145 psi at 212 °F or 87.02 psi at 248 °F
Operating mode Manual, or pneumatic, or pneumatic with inductive sensors for sensor position indication
Process connection Flanges: DIN or AISI, NPT1¼" or INGOLD DN25
Wetted parts material 1.4404 / Alloy C-22, PP, PVDF, PEEK, PVDFor combination of PVDF / Alloy C-22
Immersion length 80 mm / 3.15", 280 mm / 11.02"
Sensor insertion lengths 250mm (9.84") or 450mm (17.72")
Connection for flushing chamber G1 ⁄ 8" or G¼" thread female or ¼" NPT female
Sensor protective cage Yes
Certificates ATEX:Ex - II 1/2G c IIC TX Ga/GbEx - II 1/2D c IIIC TX Da/DbFM ApprovedIC CI. I, II, III, Div 1 GR ABCDEFG/T6 Tamb. =00C to +600C
Suitable sensors InPro 2000 (i) or 465 sensors
Features and Benefits

Wide range of options to meet your needs

  • Various construction materials, process connections, insertion lengths, and high process temperature and pressure options ensure model availability to meet your requirements.

Remove the sensor without stopping the process

  • The sensor can be cleaned, calibrated or exchanged without process interruption.

Most efficient sensor cleaning

  • New cleaning chamber design with 4 integrated spray nozzle which make sensor cleaning more efficient than ever.

Compliant with international standards

  • The housings meet the strict requirements of major international guidelines including ATEX and FM approval.



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InTrac® 781/ 784: Versatile and rugged – Designed for the toughest process conditions
The InTrac 781/784 series of retractable housings combine rugged design with great versatility to meet the demands of the harshest process conditions...
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InTrac 784 (Single Flushing Chamber, Chemical Applications)
USP Class VI


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InTrac 784 (Single Flushing Chamber, Chemical Applications)
USP Class VI
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