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Flow-through Process Adaptions (Housings)

Flow-through Process Adaptions (Housings)

Proven, rugged pipe adapters for process analytical solutions.

Flow-through Process Adaptions (Housings)
Flow-through Process Adaptions (Housings)


Flow-through housings from METTLER TOLEDO are available in various basic designs for measuring points in a pipe or bypass. They allow the introduction of electrodes/sensors into the sample media, either directly or via METTLER TOLEDO InTrac or InFit housings. Choice of materials, pipe diameters and process connections are available.


Features and Benefits

  • In-line fitting for metal or plastic pipes or bypasses.
  • Versions for InTrac or InFit housings or direct mounting of the electrode/sensor.
  • Stainless steel and polymer versions available.


المنتجات والمواصفات

المنتجات والمواصفات
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مسح الكل
Pressure range (bar/psi)
رقم المادة: 25673
عرض التفاصيل
Pressure range (bar/psi)PVC: 1 bar/60 °C (14.5 psi /140 °F); 4 bar/45 °C (58 psi / 113 °F)
PVDF: 1 bar/100 °C (14.5 psi/ 212 °F), 4 bar/75 °C (58 psi / 167 °F)
عرض التفاصيل
Pressure range (bar/psi)1.4404/316L: 16 bar / 140 °C (232 psig /284 °F)
PVDF: 6 bar /20 °C (87 psig /68 °F), 1 bar /140 °C (14.5 psig /284°F)



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