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InMotion KF Pro Oven Autosampler (5mL)

Powerful and Versatile.The InMotion KF autosampler is designed for water determination by the oven extraction technique. Upon heating to the sample-specific temperature, the water evaporates and is transferred into the titration vessel by a stream of dry air or nitrogen.

Accurately Determine Optimal Temperature

Temperature Scan provides great measurement performance in determining the ideal heating temperature of a substance in just a single run.

Flexible Method Functionality

Know your data is precise and can be trusted. The InMotion KF Pro can automatically check water standards before and after every sample series.

Efficient Sample Preparation

The innovative one-piece cap increases lab efficiency, enabling simple, safe, and fast sample preparation with a reduced chance of chemical exposure.

المواصفات - InMotion KF Pro Oven Autosampler (5mL)
Compatible titrators
Excellence Titrators (T7 & T9) Compact Titrators (C30SX, C30SD, V30S)
Integrated Digital Gas Flowmeter
Tube Set for Automatic Solvent Exchange
With Peristaltic Pump SP280
LabX® Titration Express / Server
Number of Samples
Temperature Scan and Ramp Functionality
Flexible Method with Multiple Loops
Air pump AP200
Gas Stop Valve SV2
Heated Transfer Tube
Solvent manager
SP280 Peristaltic Pump
Vial Volume (Borosilicate Glass)
5 mL
Cap Type
One-Piece FEP Screw Cap
Dimensions (WxDxH)
250 mm x 390 mm x 447 mm
9.3 kg
Sensor Accuracy
+/- 5 mL / min
Temperature Compensation
Supported Gases
Air, Nitrogen
Temperature Range
40 °C – 280 °C
+/- 3 ºC
+/- 0.5 ºC
+/- 0.5
Heating Rate (/min)
70 ºC / min
Cooling rate (for T > 100ºC)
> 20 ºC / min
Number of Samples per Series
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Choose Your Sample Size

Analyze up to 26 - 5 mL samples in a single run, or contact us about our rack customization possibilities.

Direct Control

The InMotion™ KF autosampler is completely controlled by the titrator or LabX Software: All parameters, such as the oven temperature, heating rate, and flow rate, can be simply stored in methods.

Double Efficiency in the Lab

Analyze 2 samples in parallel by connecting up to two InMotion KF ovens with T9 titrators - saving time, bench space, and boosting productivity.

Unattended Solvent Exchange

The Solvent Manager automatically replaces solvents during a run when used with the Peristaltic Pump SP280. Increase both productivity and user safety while avoiding incorrect results due to exhausted solvents.

At-a-Glance Status Information

The StatusLight on the top of the InMotion KF show you immediately if your analysis is still running, needs your attention, or is ready to run more samples. Use LabX to email results or a message to notify you of the current status when you're not in the lab.

Secure Gas Flow Control

Control the efficiency of the water extraction with digital gas flow control. Generate gas with the Air Pump AP200 or regulate with an SV2 valve.


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InMotion KF Pro Oven Autosampler (5mL)
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