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InMotion™ Pro Autosampler

Powerful Automation with Increased Productivity





Increase testing throughput in your lab with the multiple row InMotion Pro Autosampler. Connect the Pro to Excellence titrators, density meters, refractometers, UV/VIS spectrophotometers, and pH meters for increased productivity.

المواصفات - InMotion™ Pro Autosampler
رقم/أرقام المواد 30094122
Through Put 
25 mL vials182
80 mL beakers69
100 mL beakers34
180 mL beakers23
SmartSample™ KitYes (outer 2 rows only)
Barcode ReaderYes (outer row only)
Water Bath RackYes (80 and 100 mL only)
CoverUp™ Lid HandlingYes (not 25 or 250 mL)
Karl Fischer Direct KitYes (100 mL only)
Aliquot KitYes (25 mL only)
Magnetic StirrerYes (outer row only)
2nd TowerYes (not with 25 mL rack)
Diameter (cm)42
Material Numbers 
Base InMotion Pro (Rack Kit sold seperately)30094122
Rack Kit InMotion Pro 25mL30094129
Rack Kit InMotion Pro 80mL30094130
Rack Kit InMotion Pro 100mL30094131
Rack Kit InMotion Pro 180mL30094132
Rack Kit InMotion Pro Waterbath 80mL30094140
Rack Kit InMotion Pro Waterbath 100mL30094141

Advanced Cleaning Sequences

Ensure clean components and no carry over with the PowerShower™ rinse and dedicated conditioning beakers. Your sensors will be properly stored and ready for analysis with the automated Park function.

Efficient Operation

Optimize efficiency in your laboratory using the LED status lights on the top of the InMotion towers.  One quick look from across the lab lets you know if your autosampler is still running samples, is ready for more samples or needs your attention.

Compact and Modular

The Pro is only 42 cm wide minimizing the bench space needed to automate your titrations. The robotic arm reaches into the sample rack for increased throughput over the Flex model without sacrificing more space. Add stacking magnetic pumps on the side of the InMotion Autosampler or the insert able option boards in the back of the autosampler. Expansion requires no more space.

Tailored for your Samples

Build the system to fit your sample and workflow needs:

  • CoverUp™ Lid Handling system
  • Water Bath rack for temperature control
  • SmartSample™ RFID weighing system
  • Additional Tower for parallel processing
  • Integrated Barcode Reader
  • Aliquot Kit
  • Karl Fischer Direct Titration Kit


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Automation in a laboratory today has high demands for a variety of samples and workflows. Automation is no longer just going from sample to sample for...

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InMotion™ Pro Autosampler
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