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IND690count for Weighing Terminal IND690

Systematic counting with IND690count

Whether counting manually or automatically - the Weighing Terminal IND690 with its counting Software Count-690 always provides the correct data.
Our weighing solutions, which can be easily integrated into every counting application, optimize your production and logistical processes. They provide transparent, accurate data, which can be linked to higher-level ERP systems for clear commercial benefits! Typical usage of this software is in goods-in, production, stores and dispatch department.

المواصفات - IND690count for Weighing Terminal IND690
Housings Stainless steel
Degree of protection IP69K (resistant to high-pressure/steam jet cleaning)
Display Active, bright VFD-dot matrix, graphics capacility, 195x46mm
Keyboard Tactile membrane keypad
Interfaces Standard: 1x RS232; Optional: COM 2...9 different interfaces, e.g. Ethernet, Profibus, WLAN, Bluetooth, ...
Applications Versatile functions because of different software modules
Suitable platforms / weigh modules K-, M-, D-, N-Line, Precision- and Laboratory scales, analog weighing platforms
Number of attachable platforms up to 4 weighing platforms attachable, working simultaneous
Resolution (approvable) dependable on the attached weighing platform
Resolution dependable on the attached weighing platform
Dimensions Desk-/wall model: 345x219x165mm; Panel modell: 355x205x100mm
Mounting options Bench-, wall-, panel mount version
A/D rate (int./ext) up to 20 updates/sec.
Digital Input/Output Optional: digital I/O-IF, up to 64 I/O's via relaybox
Hazardous area approval Device IND690xx: approved accord. to ATEX Directive 94/9/EG for hazardous areas of zones 2 and 22
Options diverse interfaces and ApplicationPacs
Accessories Alibi memory for up to 675 500 weighings; Strip printer GA46; mechanical assessories: Wall bracket, Floor stand, Stand base, adapter for printer as well as cover for bench and wall models
Features and Benefits
Correct counting in every weight class
Whether dealing with small, light pieces or large, heavy pieces in various quantities, reliable and accurate piece counting is required. The IND690count offers numerous functions, including monitoring the minimum reference weight using automatic reference optimization and compiles statistics for your operations.
Up to 4 different scales connectable
Regardless of which type of scale you wish to use, the versatile IND690 data interfaces enable up to 4 different scales from the huge METTLER TOLEDO assortment.
Fast data input without errors
Data can be quickly and safely recorded using a barcode reader, RFID, an external alpha keyboard or online e.g. from the warehouse computer.


Installation Instructions

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IND690count for Weighing Terminal IND690


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IND690count for Weighing Terminal IND690
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