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    Fast, Accurate and Reliable Weight Indicator Systems


    Leading Supplier for Scale Indicator and Scale Controllers Worldwide

    Scale indicator selection can be challenging. METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide variety of scale indicator, weight indicator and scale controller systems to meet demanding industry and legal requirements and regulations. Every weight indicator we sell is global weights and measures approved for legal-for-trade use.

    1. What are scale indicators used for?

    Product offerings include indicators for tank, silo, hopper and bin scales; vehicle scales; bench, portable and floor scales; hazardous-area scales; custom programmable scales; and for OEMs and system integrators.


    2. What should I look for in a scale indicator?

    In rugged industrial environments, only the most durable, well-designed weight indicator can withstand tough conditions while remaining highly accurate and reliable. Flexibility also is important so that it meets your specific process requirements and provides the accurate information you need. Scale indicators should provide accurate, reliable and flexible integration into a manufacturing process. Weight indicators can be customized to meet your unique process needs.


    3. How do scale indicators and controllers integrate into my process?

    Automated applications often require a weight indicator that is capable of integration via fieldbus networks, industrial Ethernet and to control devices. We have you covered.  Our scale indicators are connected, accurate and work will software for filling, batching and formulation. The bench, portable and floor scale indicators are operator-friendly, reliable and offer flexible adaptation into a production environment. They come with an advance human-machine interface and have multi-lingual settings to for maximum operator understanding. Peripherals and MES/MRP are easy to integrate. We even offer scale indicators for advanced bench and floor applications, which require a large graphical human-machine interface, advanced data management and powerful software.


    4. Are there weight indicators available for hazardous areas?

    METTLER TOLEDO offers a comprehensive range of hazardous-area approved terminals the ensure safety, accuracy and connectivity for a variety of weighing applications in hazardous areas.

    Tank, Silo, Hopper and Bin Terminals
    Vehicle Scale Terminals
    Terminals for Bench, Portable, and Floor Scales

    Tank, Silo, Hopper and Bin Scale Indicators

    Vehicle Scale Indicators

    Bench, Portable, and Floor Scale Indicators

    A variety of tank-, silo-, bin-, hopper- and conveyor-scale solutions that provide accurate, reliable and flexible integration into a manufacturing process.
    A wide variety of vehicle and rail-weighing solutions that deliver unrivaled accuracy and reliability, and that are easy to use and maintain.
    A variety of terminals for bench, compact, and floor scales providing operator-friendly, reliable and flexible adaptation into a production environment.
    Withstand harsh industrial environments
    Global Weights & Measures approvals
    Integrate with automation fieldbus
    Advanced filling and dosing software
    Solutions for both digital and analog weigh scales
    Withstands harsh industrial environments
    Compatible with transaction and vehicle databases
    Integrates easily with peripheral devices
    Solutions for both digital and analog weigh scales
    Suitable for industrial washdown
    Global weights & measures approvals
    Checkweighing, counting, and filling software
    Advanced human machine interface and multi-lingual
    Integrate with peripherals and MES/MRP
    IND560x Terminal
    Custom programmable weighing terminals
    Terminals for OEMs and System Integrators

    Hazardous-Area Applications Scale Indicators

    Custom Programmable Scale Indicators

    Scale Indicators and Transmitters for OEMs and System Integrators

    A comprehensive range of hazardous-area approved terminals that ensure safety, accuracy and connectivity for a variety of weighing applications.
    A programmable terminal for applications requiring customization to meet needs ranging from workflows to data integration with enterprise level software.
    A complete range of terminals meeting mechanical, electrical and data-integration needs, from compact transmitters to advanced weighing controllers.
    Global hazardous approvals
    Small footprint for tight spaces
    For checkweighing, filling and vehicle applications
    Solutions for tank, bench and floor scales
    Integrate with automation fieldbus
    Human machine interface and application customization
    Variable data enables custom solutions
    MS .NET language support
    Broad HMI Range
    Display capabilities up to 19" color TFT
    SQL database exchange
    Din rail, panel or column mount
    Integrate with automation fieldbus
    Accurate and Fast
    Vibration-rejection filtering
    Global service and parts support
    PLC sample code, multi-lingual interface
    Liquid Drum Filling Systems
    Weighing Terminal Accessories and Printers

    Liquid Drum Filling Systems

    Weighing Scale Indicators Accessories and Printers

    Engineered for industrial liquid filling in hazardous areas, DFS i-Series offers easy operation and reliable results. Options include complete stainless steel and gas purging.
    The right accessory can significantly improve productivity, traceability, and safety. A full line of add-ons can help enable your unique processes.
    Easy to Operate
    Advanced fill control
    Reliable Results
    Quick-set parameters
    Increase Productivity
    Overfill reduction
    State-of-the-art data handling
    Transfer of filling results on USB drive
    A range of solutions
    The right tool to improve your weighing process
    Solid construction
    Accessory options that are built to last
    Ensuring safety
    Many options for ingress and explosion protection
    Enhancing productivity
    Ensuring quick data transfer, printing, reporting
    Industrial Catalog 2017/18
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