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Daily Sensitivity Test

White Paper

Check the Sensitivity of Your Balances

Sensitivity Test White Paper
Sensitivity Test White Paper

As is the case for a number of other businesses, the pharmaceutical industry tends to have strictly regulated areas, for example in quality control procedures. As stated in the SOP, users are obligated to subject their balance to a sensitivity test on a daily basis. Work may only be undertaken using balances that have been successfully tested.

Would you like to check the sensitivity of your balances on a daily basis with a specially designed test weight?
The specifications are as follows:
• The test weight must correspond to the maximum load of the balance for routine work.
• The test must be carried out before work starts, or at least once a day.
• Any staff member can carry out the test again before they start work, if they so wish.
• All tests are to be recorded and documented in the operations log.
• An accuracy of 0.1% is stipulated as a test requirement.
If the test requirements are not met, the user should repeat the test. If the second test also fails, the supervisor must be informed. The balance must be clearly marked and checked by a balance specialist.
The system may only be used again once it has been ensured that the balance operates perfectly.

Learn the recommended settings in the balance menu for the Excellence Balance Line.


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