Correct Test Weight Handling Guide:
12 Practical Tips


Free Guide on How to Use, Clean, and Store Weights

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Correct handling of test weights is vital to ensure the accuracy of the weights long-term. Having accurate test weights is essential for the calibration and routine testing of balances and scales. However, the challenge in many busy laboratories is that carrying out balance calibration and routine testing is a manual process, and it is easy to make a mistake when handling test weights. Considerable weighing errors can arise if a balance has been tested with mishandled reference weights.

How you handle, clean and store test weights can make a big difference in the accuracy of your weighing processes. Test weights must be handled with care.

Download the free guide now and find out why you should:

  • Keep weights close to the balance
  • Not touch weights with bare hands

  • Not clean weights with certain chemicals

  • And more

Tips for using test weights