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IND9R86 Coupled In-Motion Rail Car Scale Controller

Weigh Coupled In-Motion Railcar Trains in Just Minutes Safely, Reliably and Accurately

Model IND9R86 scale controllers weigh coupled railroad cars while a train is in motion, eliminating the costs and hazards of uncoupling and positioning each car for weighing.
Train entering scaleThe IND9R86 dynamic weighing controller, integrated with a METTLER TOLEDO dynamic rail scale, allows for automated weighing of entire trains as they cross the scale at speeds up to 10 km/hour (6 mph). Individual railcar weights are obtained without uncoupling of cars, and train total weights are calculated. Railcar identification information from an RFID tag is integrated into the weighing record. The controller stores and prints weight information for any length train, even those exceeding several hundred cars, and provides data storage for hundreds of trains.
The system includes an industrial PC with Windows® XP, 240 x 64 graphical display or LCD monitor, rail wheel detector interface, scale terminal for MTX® Powercell or Analog scale connection, and interface to local printer. Optional interfaces to PLC protocols, such as EtherNet/IP™, ControlNet™, Profibus®, and AB RIO™, are available. The IND9R86 CIM controller is designed to meet or exceed NIST HB-44 and OIML requirements.
Features and Benefits
  • Unattended Operation -- Allows for automatic weighing and data capture; no operator is required
  • Attended Mode -- User-friendly Windows® interface allows the operator to weigh trains, enter car information and print train reports using a standard keyboard and mouse commands
  • Weigh Statically or Dynamically -- Allows for both unattended dynamic weighing and attended static weighing with the same system, providing for extra user flexibility
  • AEI Railcard RFID Tag Interface -- System automatically includes railcard AEI tag data in the weight record
  • Powerful Database Storage and Communication -- Hundreds of trains can be stored in MS Access® database or other OLEDB/ODBC compatible database types, either locally or remotely on a networked computer.  For remote facilities, either a wireless, fiber optic, or phone line connection can be used for data communication
  • Integration with Plant MES or MRP Systems – Available communication formats include TCP/IP, serial, and PLC fieldbus (EtherNet/IP™, Allen Bradley RIO, ControlNet™, Device-Net™, Profibus®)
  • Rollback Detection and Recovery - Allows for accurate and complete train weighing even if the train reverses direction, such as in load out operations
  • Remote monitoring and system control - Allows for alerting train operators via portable radio or warning lights of conditions such as train over-speed or railcar overweight, plus provides ability to place system in weighing mode via a portable radio or other input device
  • Expanded Diagnostics - When used with METTLER TOLEDO DigiTOL® load cells, the IND9R86 finds potential trouble all the way down to the load cell level, allowing you to take corrective action before a problem occurs
  • New or Retrofit - The IND9R86 can be used in new installations or as part of a retrofit project using either a METTLER TOLEDO or other brand weighbridge and load cells
  • Certified to NTEP HB44 – Allows for use in legal-for-trade applications



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The IND9U series provides the power and performance of METTLER TOLEDO scale terminals in a stand-alone, unattended format, ready to work around the clock, day after day.


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IND9R86 Coupled In-Motion Rail Car Scale Controller
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