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    Precizne vage

    Precizna i otporna tehnička vaga za laboratorije i proizvodna okruženja


    Precizne vage tvrtke METTLER TOLEDO odlikuju se nenadmašnom učinkovitošću vaganja i u najnepovoljnijim radnim uvjetima.

    Naše su precizne vage zahvaljujući vrhunskoj globalnoj tehnologiji iznimno točne, brze i veoma se lako koriste.

    Excellence Level XPR Precision Balances
    Advanced Line MS-TS Precision Balance
    Standard level ME-T Precision balances

    Excellence Level Balances

    Advanced Level Balances

    Standard Level Balances

    Outstanding weighing performance and innovative sample-handling technologies help make your challenging weighing tasks efficient, error-free and compliant.
    When you need great performance and durability, Advanced Level Balances are the right choice. Intuitive operation and integrated applications make your weighing process fast and convenient.
    Enter the professional world of weighing with our robust and easy-to-use Standard Level Balances. High-quality construction and solid performance ensure consistent and precise weighing results.
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