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UniCond® de dos electrodos

UniCond sensors contain electronics embedded in each sensor. This innovative technology allows a very wide measurement range: a single UniCond 4-E sensor covers a range from pure water to acid or base concentrations. METTLER TOLEDO’s proprietary Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) concept adds further benefits. ISM converts the conductivity measurement into a highly stable digital signal which is output to the transmitter. In addition, ISM's Plug and Measure feature means sensor installation is fast and easy.

The UniCond 4-E series is suitable for measuring conductivity in pure water, make up water, desalination plants, wastewater, Clean-in-Place applications, and industrial process fluids.

Especificaciones - UniCond® de dos electrodos
Descripción breve Sensor digital que mide desde aguas puras hasta concentraciones de ácidos o bases
Precisión ± 1 % para 0,02-5000 µS/cm; ±3 % para 5000 - 50 000 µS/cm
Sensor temperatura Pt 1000 RTD, IEC 60751, clase A, con calibración de trazabilidad NIST
Precisión de la temperatura ± 0,5 °C a 25 °C
Conector IP65, se conecta con el cable de la serie 58 080 27X
Features and Benefits
  • Greater than 20% improved accuracy over analog sensors.
  • Extended conductivity measurement range – one sensor covers pure water to highly conductive chemical process solutions.
  • Digital signal ensures high process reliability in harsh environments.
  • No signal degradation over long cable lengths.
  • Highly repeatable accuracy due to patent pending calibration system.
  • Can be calibrated in-line as required by USP.
  • Installation convenience with Plug and Measure.


Folletos Técnico

Data Sheet: Thornton ISM Sensors for M800 and M300 ISM
Digital liquid analysis sensors optimized for pure water treatment.


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UniCond® de dos electrodos
USP Class VI
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