Webinar: Drying Oven vs Halogen Moisture Analyzer

How Can You Speed up Moisture Analysis with a Halogen Moisture Analyzer?

Moisture content is an important quality factor in various materials, from plastic pellets and metal granulate to foods, such as cereals and cookies, or pharmaceutical ingredients like Ethyl Cellulose or Corn Starch. Moisture content in a product can affect the quality and cost of raw materials, the quality and shelf life of finished goods, and may influence production processes.

Therefore, a fast and reliable method for moisture content determination is crucial for various production steps, from food production to extrusion of materials or pressing pills. Watch our webinar to learn how to replace moisture analysis with a drying oven with a fast and efficient halogen moisture analyzer.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is moisture content determination and why to perform it
  • What is loss on drying (LOD) with the reference method - drying oven
  • How to perform a fast and reliable moisture content determination with a moisture analyzer
  • How to replace a drying oven with an alternative method
  • How to compare different measurement methods