Conduit K4

Facilità di connessione ReactIR ™ alla Sonda

Interfaccia ReactIR ™ a sonde Sentinel, utilizzando un tubo K4 per il controllo delle reazioni chimiche su liquido.

N. di materiale: 14106912

Liquid-Based Reaction Monitoring of High Temperature and Pressure Chemistry in the Lab and Plant
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Schede tecniche

ReactIR Sampling Technology
ReactIR in situ sampling technology assures usability in a wide range of batch and continuous reaction conditions.
ReactIR DS Micro Flow Technology
Measure and monitor continuous flow chemistry with DS Micro Flow Technology.
ReactIR Instrument Performance Assurance (IPA) Module
Validate ReactIR wavenumber accuracy and calibrate to a Polystyrene standard certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) fo...

Product Brochures

ReactIR Brochure
Understand reaction chemistry with ReactIR In Situ FTIR spectroscopy

Extended Product Documentation

ReactIR™ Spectroscopy in Peer-Reviewed Publications
This free Citation List presents an extensive list of peer-reviewed publications related to the use of in-situ ReactIR spectroscopy for the advancemen...
Monitoring of Reaction Mechanisms
Data is collected in the mid-infrared spectral region, which provide a characteristic fingerprint absorbance that is associated with fundamental vibr...




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Conduit K4