No More Tears: Durable Chlor-Alkali pH Electrode - METTLER TOLEDO
White Paper

No More Tears: Durable Chlor-Alkali pH Electrode

White Paper
White Paper: Durable Chlor-Alkali pH Electrode
White Paper: Durable Chlor-Alkali pH Electrode

Elevated temperatures, presence of chlorine and high salt concentration throughout the chlor-alkali process make stable and reliable pH measurement with conventional pH electrodes a constant challenge. Further, the conditions mean electrode lifetime is usually short; therefore, costs in terms of sensor maintenance and replacement are high. A dual-membrane electrode that uses the process brine as a reference, is immune to measurement problems. In addition, digital transmission from sensor to transmitter provides exceptional signal stability.

This white paper explains:

  • Membrane cell chlorine production
  • Problems with conventional pH electrodes
  • pNa/pH technology
  • Measurement challenges
  • Plug and Measure – fast and simple start up

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