Particle Track and Particle View Training | Lasentec

ParticleTrack & ParticleView Onsite Training


Training and familiarization with ParticleTrack and ParticleView will ensure that all users can walk up to instruments and immediately bring value to process development activities.  A recognized in-process particle characterization expert will guide multiple users through classroom, as well as hands-on training, in order to prepare scientists to obtain, analyze, and report high-quality information that supports their research.

Held at your location, available training courses include:

  • ParticleTrack User Training
  • ParticleView User Training
    • Particle Science
    • Real-Time Microscopy Introduction
    • Relative Backscatter (RBI) Method of Measurement
    • Acquiring ParticleView Data
    • Using iC PVM Software
    • Probe Care and Calibration
    • Common ParticleView Questions
    • Introduction to ParticleView Training Certificate upon completion
  • Advanced Data Analysis Workshop: ParticleTrack and ParticleView
    • Correlating Data to Process Conditions
    • Integrating Data from iControl, iC IR, iC FBRM and iC PVM
    • Recognizing Common Particle Mechanisms
    • Comparing Data Across Multiple Experiments
    • Converting Data to Process Understanding
    • Designing New Experiments Based on New Information
  • Application Training:  Crystallization
    • Fundamentals of Crystallization
    • Crystallization Design
    • Role of Seeding in Crystallization
    • Crystallization Scale-up
    • Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Crystallization

METTLER TOLEDO Global Technology and Application Consultants transfer their academic and industry experience to scientists who use ParticleTrack with FBRM technology and ParticleView with PVM technology.  Comprehensive technology and applications training ensure scientists are prepared to obtain the highest possible return on investment from their instruments.