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Balance XPR26PC

The High Speed Solution.The XPR26PC allows accurate, fast, and touchless pipette verifications according to ISO8655 from 1 - 100 μL. Supported by Status Light, Level Control, and Internal Calibration, you can rely on your results every time.

ISO8655 Down to 1 µL

XPR26PC fulfills the requirements of ISO 8655 for volumes ≥ 1 µL. The outstanding performance ensures accurate results, even for ultra small volumes

Fast and Ergonomic

Touchless and fast operation, thanks to the motorized lid that only opens when passing the pipette through the light barrier

Non-Stop Testing

The large 10 mL waste container enables you to pipette 10 μL 1,000 times before it needs emptying. This uninterrupted process is extremely efficient

Material No.: 30355534

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Specifications - Balance XPR26PC
Maximum Capacity
22 g
0.001 mg
Repeatability, typical
0.0007 mg
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical)
1.4 mg
3 x USB-A (Printer, mouse, keyboard, barcode reader) 1 x USB-B (EasyDirect PC Software)
Legal for Trade
Settling Time
3.5 s
0.0015 mg
Linearity ±
0.003 mg
Internal / proFACT Advanced
Guaranteed Repeatability
0.002 mg
Dimensions (HxWxD)
292 mm x 195 mm x 485 mm
Readability (Certified)
0.001 mg
Material Number(s)

Traceable to ISO Standards

Our optional Calibry PC software guides you through your testing procedures, keeps a database of results, and informs you when upcoming tests are due. Customized reports can be generated at any time. Calibry supports you with ISO 8655 and 21 CFR part 11 requirements

Balance Status at a Glance

The built-in StatusLight™ uses color to let you see at a glance if the balance is ready for use (green), if a routine test or calibration is due (yellow), or if there is an issue and the balance is blocked (red).

Easy Balance Leveling

At 6-place readability, even small deviations in levels can cause significant measurement errors. To avoid this, LevelMatic provides a warning and quickly guides you to level the balance

Efficient Balance Testing

An accurate balance means accurate pipettes. Our CarePac weight set with OIML/ASTM 1 g and 20 g weights is perfect for routine performance verification of your XPR26PC

ISO8655 Reporting

Our Calibry PC software is perfect for in-house pipette management and helps to speed up your ISO verification processes. It is also ideal for professional pipette service providers

Ergonomic Workplace

The special weighing table consists of two independent tables, which prevent user vibrations from reaching the balance. They can be adjusted to obtain the best ergonomic position for efficient and secure working throughout the day



Datasheet : The XPR26PC
Datasheet : The XPR26PC (pdf - 261 KB)
Download this datasheet to learn more about specifications and accessories of XPR26PC.
Pipette Calibration Software Datasheet
Calibry is the ideal software for managing ISO 8655 calibrations and performance verifications of single and multichannel pipettes in laboratory weigh...


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