Automated Liquid Dispensing systems from METTLER TOLEDO
Automated Liquid Dispensing

Automated Liquid Dosing

Upgrade your XP/XPE analytical balance to enable automated dispensing of liquids

Automated liquid dispensing / Dosing - for Precise Concentrations

Dispense solvents automatically and accurately. With the addition of a liquid dosing module the laboratory balance can not only weigh substances...

Dispense solvents automatically and accurately. With the addition of a liquid dosing module the laboratory balance can not only weigh substances, but also prepare solutions with an unmatched level of accuracy. The liquid dosing module dispenses liquids in a fine jet with individual drops weighing less than 1 mg. To achieve the desired concentration, the Quantos liquid module dispenses the correct amount of solvent according to the actual dosed amount of substance. Quantos calculates the amount of liquid needed automatically; you only need to specify the concentration at the start of the process. Gravimetric sample preparation reduces laboratory errors and out-of-specification (OOS) incidents by up to 50 percent, helping you to increase laboratory efficiency.

Reduce Errors with Perfect Concentration preparation

Prepare Only As Much As You Need
Full Traceability
Automated liquid dispensing
Easy to use
Ask for a demo
Full Workflow Integration
Compact and Modular



Brochure: Gravimetric Sample Preparation
Prepare powder, liquid, gel, and paste samples quickly, easily and errorfree. Weigh your sample and Quantos will add the correct amount of solvent, by...

White Papers

Gravimetric Sample Preparation
Compare gravimetric sample preparation with traditional volumetric methods. Reduce process variability and OOS results.

Installation Instructions

XPE Analytical Balances Operating Instructions
This balance offers numerous weighing and adjustment options with exceptional operating convenience.
User Manual Quantos Automated Dosing Liquid Module
Easy reference guide to help you quickly set-up and start using your balance.


Datasheet : Dispense solvents automatically and accurately
Now you can use your METTLER TOLEDO's high precision balance technology not only to weigh your substances, but also to prepare solutions of a precise...
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