EasyMax 102 Advanced and HFCal

Calorimetry for Safety Screening.The EasyMax 102 HFCal: a reaction calorimeter designed for fast and efficient safety screening and characterization of chemical reactions at small scale.

Uncover Potential Safety Issues

Non-scalable conditions such as accumulation, bad mixing, or dosing issues can easily be identified with EasyMax 102 HFCal.

True Heat Flow Is Important

Unlike conventional heat flow calorimetry, EasyMax HFCal determines the true heat as released by the chemical reaction.

Process Development - Fast and Reliable

Continuous monitoring of the reaction progress, the heat release, and possible accumulation makes process development faster and more predictable.

Material No.: 511617111

Heat Flow Calorimetry for Process Safety Screening
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Specifications - EasyMax 102 Advanced and HFCal
18 kg
Operating Volume
30 mL – 100 mL
Dimensions (HxWxD)
28 cm x 33 cm x 36 cm
Temperature Range
-40 °C – 180 °C
Back / Front light
Precision Heat Transfer
Typically +/- 4%
Accuracy and Precision Specific Heat
Typically +/-12%
Accuracy Heat Flow
Isothermal conditions: ± 3 % to 5 %
Based on comparison of qr_hf with qc resp. ∫qr_hf with ∫ qc
Non-isothermal conditions: ± 5 % to 10%
Calorimetry Type
Heat Flow
EasyMax 102 Advanced (51161711) and Upgrade Kit EasyMax HFCal (30090576)
Temperature Modes
Jacket control, reaction mixture control, distillation control, crystallization control
Heating / Cooling
Solid State Thermostat
Power Requirements
100 – 240 VAC, 50/60Hz

Data Analysis - Efficient and Accurate

The EasyMax 102 HFCal collects and stores a wealth of information during an experiment. iControl software automatically calculates heat transfer data, specific heat of the reaction mass, heat flow and reaction enthalpies, and it presents all data in a report.

Calorimetry from Screening to Production

The EasyMax 102 HFCal provides safety information early in development at small scale with minimal effort. Heat data together with chemical and kinetics information are the basis for additional investigation to ensure safe scale-up of processes.

Integration with Analytical Probes

The seamless integration of heat data with online analytical techniques and other process data significantly enhances understanding of the course of the reaction, its potential risk, and the formation of by-products to allow users to draw better conclusions.



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EasyMax 102 Advanced and HFCal