Where does iC Data Center store the experiment data? 

The location of the file share is determined by the iC Data Center administrator. It can be on the same computer as the iC Data Center or on another server or workstation. 

How is iC Data Center deployed?

iC Data Center has two components – a server and a client application.  The iC Data Center server is a service that can run on Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Windows Server operating systems and can be installed on one computer, on a server, or even on a virtual PC. 

An iC Data Center client application is usually installed on the same system as the server, but it can also be installed and used from other computers for convenience. The client is not required to connect an iC application to iC Data Center to capture its data.

How is iC Data Center purchased?

iC Data Center is only available as a subscription through a site license. In addition to the use of iC Data Center, a site license allows unlimited use of the applicable iC Office application and Software Care coverage.

Pricing for a site license depends on the number and types of iC-supported instruments owned. Please contact your local sales representative for more information or a quote. 

Can iC Data Center be used with my ELN or data warehouse?

Experimental data from reactor systems is automatically exported into Microsoft Word or Excel files for easy results sharing. iC Data Center can also export experimental data into XML files which can be parsed and read by other computerized systems. 

iC Data Center can also import XML templates for new experiments with chemical information and certain procedure details from ELN systems that have been customized to provide the proper format.

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iC Software Care Datasheet

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