Journey to the New Normal

Overcoming Unexpected Productivity Upsets in Chemical Development

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  • Key challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How select companies were able to remain agile in the face of new restrictions
  • Strategies to return to previous (and higher) levels of productivity
  • Considerations for future upsets

As 2020 began, business operations and daily life all but shut down as a new virus spread rapidly across the world. COVID-19 has provided one more unique challenge for industry – more to do, with less time and space to do it, in a completely new work environment. Businesses scrambled to find ways to remain operational while enforcing new measures designed to prevent the virus from spreading and keep employees safe. 


About the Prestenter

Adrian Burke

Adrian Burke


Adrian Burke completed his Bachelor's degree in Chemistry at the University of Exeter, UK. Following graduation, Adrian began his career in research and production in the steel industry, and then moved to the instrument business and joined METTLER TOLEDO where he has held strategic positions for the last 20 years. As the Head of Sales across Europe and the Americas, Adrian developed strong relationships with leaders in pharma, chemical and academia. As Head of the Reaction Analysis Strategic Product Group and Head of Software for AutoChem he was able to leverage key insights into the needs and challenges of companies to develop innovative solutions to obtain greater reaction and process insights and drive productivity. Adrian continues to develop thought-leadership content and currently holds the position of Head of Sales for Europe and India.