SevenCompact™ – universal and reliable pH and conductivity instruments - METTLER TOLEDO

SevenCompact™ – universal and reliable pH and conductivity instruments

The SevenCompact™ series combines precise electrochemical measurement technologies with flexibility, innovative design and ease of use. The instruments can be universally employed and continue the tradition of the Seven series from METTLER TOLEDO. The SevenCompact™ S220 is a pH, ORP and Ion meter, whereas the SevenCompact™ S230 is a versatile conductivity meter that can measure total dissolved solids, salinity, resistivity and conductivity ash.

The operation is truly intuitive, with menus composed of full sentences in 10 languages. Starting a measurement or calibration or toggling between measurement modes only requires a single keypress.

The included electrode holder with the perfectly vertical uPlace™ movement helps you bring your electrode in the position where it works best for your sample. This allows for faster measurements and reduces the risk of the sample vessel tipping over and/or damage the sensor.

Features and benefits

Prominent color display
The 4.3 inch high-resolution color display with its large digits and well arranged icons makes relevant information identifiable at a glance.
Two display layouts
Switch with a single keypress between the full-information screen or the uFocus™ layout, in which you will not be distracted by information of less importance.
IntelligentSensor Management (ISM®)
ISM® helps eliminate mistakes by automatic identification of the sensor upon connection and ensures that the most recent calibration is used for future measurements.
Large data memory
SevenCompact can store up to 1000 datasets. For users who require more storage space we offer LabX direct PC software.
Connectivity and peripherals
USB and RS232 interfaces allow you to connect various peripherals from METTLER TOLEDO simultaneously, increasing the possibilities of your instrument.

Seven good reasons for SevenCompact™

  • Top sensors – fast and accurate measurements
  • Menu guidance in 10 languages – user-friendly operation
  • Clear, well arranged color display – quick to learn
  • Many printing and data storage options – GLP compliant
  • Professional peripheral options – highly efficient
  • Intelligent sensors – peace of mind
  • Full fledged service offering – high uptime and compliance