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    Gas Analyzer - Gas Sensor

    In-situ gas analyzers with minimum maintenance


    Our advanced range of durable oxygen gas analyzers/sensors provide accurate, continuous measurements

    In situ oxygen gas sensors measure where it matters – directly in the process. In our portfolio of amperometric and cutting-edge tunable diode laser (TDL) oxygen sensors, you will find a solution for your oxidation and explosion protection applications. For industries ranging from (Petro)Chemical to Food & Beverage to Pharmaceutical, amperometric and TDL oxygen gas analyzers offer reliability, ease of maintenance, and low cost of ownership.

    Our range of in situ gas sensors feature

    • Atex and FM approvals
    • EHEDG,FDA and USP approvals and more
    Find more in the Gas Analysis Brochure


    Tunable Diode Laser - Gas Analyzer
    Amperometric Oxygen Gas Sensor- Gas analyzer
    Trace Amperometric Oxygen Gas Sensor - Gas Analyzer

    TDL (Tunable Diode Laser) Gas Analyzers

    Amperometric Oxygen Gas Sensors

    Trace Amperometric Oxygen Gas Sensors

    Designed for in situ (petro)chemical process and safety applications, our TDL oxygen gas analyzers are exceptionally easy to install and require almost no maintenance.
    In process gas stream or tank applications, amperometric oxygen gas sensors provide reliable, real-time measurements without the need for gas sampling or conditioning.
    When trace levels of oxygen must be continuously monitored, amperometric sensors offer high performance, durability and low cost of ownership.
    No alignment required
    thanks to the one-flange probe concept
    Drift-free measurement requires no calibration
    In situ installation for fast response time
    Easy in-situ installation
    directly in the tank or vessel
    No cumbersome sampling system needed
    Easy two-minute
    maintenance and calibration
    Reliable ppb-level monitoring of oxygen in gas purity applications
    Measurement directly in the process pipe or vessel
    Highly resistant to dust and particles
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