Monitor Wort in Beer using Densitometer in terms of Plato

Wort Measurement in Beer

Monitor the process of beer fermentation in terms of Plato

One of the most important values in brewing is the sugar content of wort. This dissolved sugar is mainly derived from malt, but also includes other ingredients and is referred to as "extract".

Fermentation typically takes one to two weeks, and during this time, the yeast present in wort converts the wort extract into new yeast cells, ethanol, CO2 and flavors – steadily decreasing the extract quantity over time.

To monitor this process, brewers typically measure density or specific gravity (SG) over time, as it quantifies the concentration of the extract and gives an indication of what is happening during fermentation. The SG is converted into sugar content in °Plato (°P), and this value is plotted on a fermentation curve over time to give the user a graphical overview of what is happening.

1°Plato = 1 g extract in 100 g wort

Using the Densito, the measured density is automatically compensated to 20 °C and is displayed in °Plato

Wort measurment with densitometry
Wort measurment with densitometry
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