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Organometallic Synthesis and Chemistry

Understanding and Control of Organometallic Compounds

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Organometallic Synthesis

Organometallic Compounds

Tools to Opimize Synthesis Reactions
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Additional Resources

sodium borohydride reduction white paper
John O'Reilly of Roche Ireland discusses sustainable Process Analytical Technology (PAT) system using Process FTIR for the safe operation of a sodium...
Air-Sensitive Organometallic Reactions
New automated sampling techniques eliminate sampling challenges with an inline method of taking representative samples from reactions where manual sam...
Reaction Discovery and Development with Kinetics
Professor Ryan Baxter of University California - Merced discusses reaction discovery and development with kinetics. His presentation involves the kin...
Reaction Kinetics Progress Analysis Ryan Baxter
This webinar explores a graphical analysis approach to rationalize unusual kinetics in C-H activations. The Reaction Progress Kinetic Analysis (RPKA)...
Alkylation Reaction Development
Kevin Stone discusses how Merck Chemical Engineering Research & Development (CERD) leverages process fingerprinting tools in the development of an Alk...
Avoiding Incidents at Scale-up
This webinar discusses how to perform safe scale-up of chemical processes and includes a close examination of thermal risks and hazards.
continuous flow chemistry for api manufacturing
Presented by Dr. Frederic Buono of Boehringer-Ingelheim, this on-demand webinar reviews continuous flow process development, including general concept...
In Situ Flow Technology to Continuous Processing - Part II
For continuous flow chemistry processing, FlowIR is a convenient inline analytical tool. The FTIR instrument for real-time monitoring of continuous fl...

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